Selection of scientific papers by Robert W B Best

Plasma physics

Landau damping considered as a shift of the Fourier spectrum of the velocity distribution, Proc 7th Int Conf on Phenomena in ionized gases Beograd (1966) 278-281 Abstract
Paper (255 KB)

On the motion of charged particles in a slightly damped sinusoidal potential wave, Physica 40 (1968) 182-196 Abstract

On Adiabatic Plasma Motion, Plasma Physics 15 (1973) 464-466 Research note (112 KB)

Nonlinear plasma oscillations in terms of van Kampen modes - The initial value problem, Physica 74 (1974) 183-195 Abstract

Energy and momentum densities of a Landau-damped wave packet, J Plasma Physics 63 (2000) 371-391 Abstract
Paper (193 KB)

Nuclear fusion

Clean fusion concepts and efforts - A survey, Nuclear Instr & Methods 144 (1977) 1-7 Abstract

Report on the 2nd International Symposium on Aneutronic Power: Review of Searches for Non-Radioactive Non-Proliferating Nuclear Energy, Nucl Fusion 29 (1989) 1635-1637 Report (189 KB)

Advanced fusion fuel cycles, Fusion Technology 17 (1990) 661-665 Abstract

Wind power

Limits to wind power, Energy conversion 19 (1979) 71-72 Paper

The capacity factor of a wind turbine cluster, Wind Engineering 5 (1981) 235-241 Abstract

Free electron laser

Co-author B Faatz, Gauss-Laguerre modes in a high-gain FEL, J Phys D: Appl Phys 23 (1990) 1337-1341 Abstract

Bunch shape effect on undulator radiation, Optics Communications 123 (1996) 563-566 Abstract

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